Hasura API Console: API-Explorer

If you are using Hasura APIs like Data, Auth, Filestore and Notify, use the API explorer section of the API console to try out and explore the Hasura APIs.


The API-Explorer features GraphiQL which is an in-browser IDE for exploring the GraphQL APIs. It helps you build and try out GraphQL queries and mutations seamlessly.


JSON Query Builder

JSON query builder is a UI to build and try JSON queries for Hasura data APIs. To use to the JSON query builder, select it from the left panel.



If you want to try custom queries, or want to use the API-Explorer as an HTTP client, you can use the JSON Raw feature. Select it from the left panel.


Auth APIs

You can explore all the different auth APIs in the API Explorer.


Filestore and Notify APIs

The API Console can be used to upload/download files to your database using the filestore APIs. Also, you can send emails and SMS using the Notify APIs.


Generate API Code

The API Explorer comes with an in-built code generator that converts the chosen API to a code snippet in your desired language. Select an API of your choice and click on the Generate API Code button next to the Send button.