Data API Error Codes

Status Code Code Error
400 postgres-error Not-NULL violation. null value in column <column-name> violates not-null constraint
400 permission-denied select on <column/table> for role <role-name> is not allowed.
400 not-exists table <table-name> does not exist
400 not-exists no such table/view exists in postgres : <table-name>
400 not-exists <field-name> does not exist
400 already-tracked view/table already tracked : <table-name>
400 access-denied restricted access : admin only
400 not-supported table renames are not yet supported : <table-name>
400 not-exists <column-name> does not exist
400 already-exists cannot add column <column-name> in table <table-name> as a relationship with the name already exists
400 invalid-json invalid json
400 not-supported column renames are not yet supported : <table-name>.<column-name>
400 invalid-headers missing header : <header-name>
400 dependency-error cannot change type of column <column-name> in table <table-name> because of the following dependencies : <dependencies>
400 invalid-headers X-Hasura-User-Id should be an integer
400 dependency-error cannot drop due to the following dependent objects : <dependencies>
400 access-denied You have to be admin to access this endpoint
400 parse-failed parsing dotted table failed : <table-name>
400 access-denied not authorised to access this tx
400 already-exists multiple declarations exist for the following <table-name> : <duplicates>
400 not-exists tx does not exists
400 already-exists column/relationship of table <table-name> already exists
400 already-initialised the state seems to be initialised already. you may need to migrate from this version: <catalog-version>
400 constraint-error no foreign constraint exists on the given column
400 not-supported unsupported version : <catalog-version>
400 constraint-error more than one foreign key constraint exists on the given column
400 already-exists the query template already exists <template-name>
400 permission-error <permission-type>’ permission on <table-name> for role <role-name> already exists
400 permission-error <permission-type>’ permission on <table-name> for role <role-name> does not exist
400 unexpected-payload Unknown operator : <operator-type>
400 unexpected-payload expecting a string for column operator
400 unexpected-payload incompatible column types : ‘<column-name>’, ‘<column-name>’
400 unexpected-payload Expecting ‘constraint’ or ‘constraint_on’ when the ‘action’ is ‘update’
400 unexpected-payload constraint’ and ‘constraint_on’ cannot be set at a time
400 unexpected-payload upsert is not allowed for role ‘<role-name>’
400 unexpected-payload objects should not be empty
400 invalid-params missing parameter : <param-name>
400 unexpected-payload can’t be empty
400   <col-name>’ is a relationship and should be expanded
400 unexpected-payload <column-name>’ should be included in ‘columns’
400 unexpected-payload <column-name>’ is an array relationship and can’t be used in ‘order_by’
400   <column-name>’ is a Postgres column and cannot be chained further
400 unexpected-payload order_by array should not be empty
400 unexpected-payload when selecting an ‘obj_relationship’ ‘where’, ‘order_by’, ‘limit’ and ‘offset’ can’t be used
400 unexpected-payload atleast one of $set, $inc, $mul has to be present
400 permission-denied <permission-type> on <table-name> for role <role-name> is not allowed
400 not-exists no such column exists : <column-name>
400 permission-denied role <role-name> does not have permission to <permission-type> column <column-name>
400   expecting a postgres column; but, <name> is relationship
400 unexpected-payload JSON column can not be part of where clause
400 unexpected-payload is of type <type-name>; this operator works only on column of types <[types]>
400 postgres-error query execution failed
500 unexpected unexpected dependency of relationship : <dependency>
500 unexpected unexpected dependent object : <dependency>
500 unexpected field already exists
500 unexpected field does not exist
500 unexpected permission does not exist
500 postgres-error postgres transaction error
500 postgres-error connection error
500 postgres-error postgres query error
404 not-found No such resource exists