Adding Logout to your app using the Auth UI Kit

Using Hasura’s Auth UI Kit, you can quickly add logout functionality to your app.

In a normal Auth API flow, you will need to make a HTTP POST request to the logout endpoint and handle success / error cases. To reduce the code written, you can make use of the UI Kit’s logout page which internally makes a logout request and redirects the user back to the desired page and handles the error case for you.

Usually your application would have a Logout button/link at the top (likely in the header). You can just hyperlink that to the UI Kit’s logout page.

The URL to hyperlink - https://auth.<cluster-name>

<a href="https://auth.<cluster-name>">
  <button class="btn">Logout</button>

So when your website users click on this link, they will be redirected to the UI Kit’s Logout page.


You can add the query parameter redirect_url to the URL so that once the user completes their logout flow, they will be redirected back to your application’s page automatically, where you can display custom messaging if required.