Auth UI Kit


The Auth UI Kit is a ready to use frontend interface for your web apps that comes pre-loaded with the Hasura Auth Microservice.

It allows your application users to login/signup seamlessly using the authentication providers configured in the conf/auth.yaml file. The UI adapts automatically to display the enabled auth providers.


  • Instantly add authentication UI for your web app without writing any code.
  • Built-in UI for handling forgot password, reset password, email and SMS verification.
  • Redirect user to your own app after performing the requests successfully.
  • Supports all authentication providers of the Auth API (ie: Username, Email, Mobile, Social Login).
  • Adapts automatically to display only enabled auth providers.
  • Responsive Design
  • Configurable Themes (Light, Dark)

The UI kit runs on the url: auth.<cluster-name>

Using your custom UI interface vs the UI Kit

You might want to use your own custom interface if:

  • The design, look and feel does not match your application’s design. (Note: You have a choice between dark and light theme)
  • You have a custom auth provider with hooks for signup/login flow.
  • You have an advanced workflow for Signup (ex: referral code during signup, custom fields like first name, date of birth etc)
  • Your application is a mobile app, since this UI Kit is designed for web applications. In case, you are working with React Native, check out our Auth UI Kit for React Native