Redirecting users back to your app from Auth UI Kit pages

The UI Kit pages accept a redirect_url query parameter. Once any action is successfully performed, the UI Kit will redirect to the given url.

Example: Let’s say you have your app running on the www subdomain and you want your users to redirect to your home page after logging in, you will provide the redirect_url query param as follows:


In this case, once login or signup happens successfully, the user will be redirected back to https://www.<cluster-name>

Configuring a default redirect_url

A default redirect_url can also be defined by editing the conf/auth.yaml file in your hasura project.

  redirectUrl: "https://auth.{{ }}"

In case the default redirect_url is configured, it will be considered when a redirect_url query param is not given to a Auth UI Kit page. You can leave its value as null in case you want to only redirect if a redirect_url param was given to the page.