Authentication methods a.k.a. Providers

Hasura Auth has support for multiple ways to authenticate (ie: login/register) a user. e.g. username-based, email-based, mobile-based, social logins, etc.

Hasura Auth calls each authentication method a “provider”.

You can enable/disable providers in your auth configuration. Once a provider is enabled you can use them to signup your users. You can have multiple providers enabled at the same time.

Also, if you have an existing custom authentication system you can create a custom provider and configure it with Hasura Auth.

The following providers come by default with Hasura Auth:

Provider Provider Name (in API) Description
Username username Basic username and password based authentication.
Email email Email and password based authentication, with email verification.
Mobile/OTP mobile Mobile-based password-less authentication. For signup and login an OTP is sent to the mobile number.
Mobile/Password mobile-password Mobile and password based authentication, with mobile verification.
Google google Google login based authentication.
Facebook facebook Facebook login based authentication.
Linkedin linkedin Linkedin login based authentication.
Github github Github login based authentication.

Choose providers from the above based on your requirement.

See more about providers: