Creating a pro-tier cluster

This section takes you over the process of creating a cluster on Hasura’s pro-tier and linking it to a project.


Having an active billing account is mandatory to create pro-tier clusters.

Follow the below steps to create a pro-tier cluster and link it to a project:

Choosing cluster configuration

You can generate your cluster’s configuration using the Pricing Calculator.

This will generate an infra code (eg: ZXPBVF) which can then be used to create a cluster of the chosen configuration.

Creating the cluster

After you get the infra code from the above step, run the following hasura CLI command:

$ hasura cluster create --infra <infra-code>

This will create a cluster with the configuration described by the infra code value.


If you create the cluster while in a project directory, the above will add the created cluster to the project and also add the cluster’s infra specs to the clusters.yaml file so that the infra requirements of the project can be saved and version controlled. See Updating infra specs for project clusters for more details.

The added infra spec will have an alias assigned to it. By default, the alias is hasura. An infra spec with alias <some-cluster-alias> defines the config of the cluster which is running with alias <some-cluster-alias>

To give your own alias to the infra spec, run this instead of the above:

$ hasura cluster create --infra <infra-code> --add-as <cluster-alias>

Now <cluster-alias> will be set as the alias for the infra spec and the cluster created.

Adding the cluster to a Hasura project

If you executed, cluster create inside a project directory, the cluster will already be added to the project.

Otherwise, see this to add the created cluster to a project. This will also add the infra spec to the project as described in the note above.


Let’s assume the infra code generated from the Pricing Calculator is ZXPBVF, and assume we want alias of this cluster to be prod.

Then the flow to create a cluster and adding it to a project is one of the follows:

# from inside project directory
$ hasura cluster create --infra ZXPBVF --add-as prod


# from outside project directory
$ hasura cluster create --infra ZXPBVF
# say cluster name is: ambitious93
$ cd <project-directory>
$ hasura cluster add ambitious93 -c prod


You can also write declarative configuration of your cluster. The file clusters.yaml contains cluster configuration. Check out Updating infra specs for project clusters and some sample infra specs.

Once you have added your cluster infra specs in clusters.yaml, run the following command to create a cluster.

$ hasura cluster create --cluster <cluster-alias>

where <cluster-alias> is the cluster alias in the clusters.yaml.

After this, add the cluster to the project by following this.