Reusing a cluster with a different project

Sometimes, you might want to start using a cluster for an entirely different project. This section talks about the instructions to do exactly that:


You will lose all your data from the current project. Do it only if you are absolutely sure.

  1. Add the cluster to your new project. Run the following from the new project directory.

    # Adding cluster
    $ hasura cluster add clustername42 -c hasura
    # Set it as default cluster of the project
    $ hasura cluster set-default hasura
  2. Reset the database of the cluster so that you can apply migrations of the new project to it.

    $ hasura migration db-reset
    • This will erase all data from the database including schema. Are you sure? (yes/no)
    ✓ The database on cluster has been reset cluster=hasura [colliery88]
      # You can now remove your migrations completely by deleting the local migration files:
      $ rm migrations/*.{sql,yaml}
      # OR apply your migrations again:
      $ hasura migration apply
  3. Finally, apply the configurations, migrations and microservices of the new project to cluster.

    $ git add .
    $ git commit -m "Migrated the cluster to a new project"
    $ git push hasura master -f
    # Make sure to force push over existing git history