Inserting dataΒΆ

The following will insert a couple of new articles to the article table.

The full syntax of an insert query can be found here.

mutation insert_article {
  insert_article (objects: [{title: "Article 1", content: "Sample article 1"},{title: "Article 2", content: "Sample article 2"}]) {
    returning {
POST data.<cluster-name> HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <auth-token> # optional if cookie is set
X-Hasura-Role: <role>  # optional. Pass if only specific user role has access

            {"title":"Article 1", "content": "Sample article 1"},
            {"title":"Article 2", "content": "Sample article 2"}
        "returning":["id", "title"]

Note the returning key. We would like to get back the id assigned for each inserted row along with the title in the response. The returning key is optional.