Updating dataΒΆ

The request to update data consists of two parts - the new values and a where indicating what rows to update. The syntax of where clause is same as in the select query.

The full definition of an update query can be found here.

mutation update_article {
  update_article (where: {id: {_eq: 4}}, _set: {title: "Article 4", content: "Sample article 4"}) {
POST /v1/query HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <admin-token> # optional if cookie is set
X-HASURA-ROLE: <role>  # optional. Pass if only specific user role has access

    "type" : "update",
    "args" : {
        "table" : "article",
        "$set": {"title": "Article 4", "description": "Sample article 4"},
        "where": {
            "id": 4