Using custom domains & SSL

Your Hasura cluster comes with a SSL enabled domain. You can also point your own domain to the cluster so that your microservices/website is available on the domain.

Hasura provisions free SSL certificates for each domain you add using LetsEncrypt. All of your microservices will be available on each of these domains.

Adding a custom domain

  • Get IP for the cluster
$ ping
  • Point your domain’s DNS to the cluster’s IP from your registrar’s dashboard by adding 2 A records for your domain pointing to the IP above
A *
  • Both of these entries are important for the LetsEncrypt agent to be able to generate all your SSL certificates properly
  • Goto conf/domains.yaml and add the following block to the file where is your domain:
    type: LetsEncrypt
  • Apply your changes to the cluster
$ git add conf/domains.yaml
$ git commit -m "added custom domain"
$ git push hasura master # change 'hasura' to the cluster alias that you are using

Now, SSL certificates will automatically be generated and your microservices will be accessible on this domain!