Routing using API gateway

The API gateway is responsible for routing sub-domains to the correct upstream microservice. It also terminates SSL connections.

For example, in the cluster, if one makes a request the gateway will terminate the SSL connection, resolve sessions, and proxy the request to the upstream Auth microservice.

The routing configuration is stored in the conf/routes.yaml file in the project directory.

During deployment, the API gateway reads the routes.yaml file and templates Nginx with the new route configuration.

Add a new route for a microservice:

A new route for a microservice can be added using the hasura CLI. See Hasura CLI: hasura platform:conf generate-route

Change subdomain of a microservice:

To change the subdomain a microservice is exposed at, see Changing subdomain of a microservice

Detailed routing:

For a detailed understanding of how you can customise your projects routing config, check out Project structure: conf/routes.yaml