Hasura CLI: hasura platform:api-console

Opens a Console UI connected to a cluster


Opens a Console UI connected to a cluster

hasura platform:api-console [flags]

Alias: api-console


# Open API console on cluster called "prod":
$ hasura api-console -c prod

# Open console on the default cluster:
$ hasura api-console


    --api-port string       port for serving hasura API service (default "9693")
-c, --cluster string        cluster to which console should connect
    --console-port string   port for serving console (default "9695")
-h, --help                  help for platform:api-console
    --proxy-port string     port for serving kubernetes API proxy (default "9694")

Options inherited from parent commands

--project string   hasura project directory where the commands should be executed. (default: current directory)


  • hasura - hasura controls the hasura project

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