Hasura CLI: hasura platform:microservice apply

Apply changes to microservices


Apply changes to the k8s configuration files for a microservice

hasura platform:microservice apply [flags]


# Apply changes to microservices onto cluster aliased 'staging':
$ hasura microservices apply -c staging

# Apply only svc1, svc2 microservices:
$ hasura microservices apply -c staging -s svc1 -s svc2


-c, --cluster string             cluster alias on which the command has to be executed
    --dont-delete                do not delete microservices if it's present on cluster but not in project
    --dry-run                    show microservices to be updated, created and deleted, but do not apply on cluster
-h, --help                       help for apply
-s, --microservice stringArray   e.g. -s=svc1 -s=svc2: Will only apply svc1, svc2 to the cluster

Options inherited from parent commands

--project string   hasura project directory where the commands should be executed. (default: current directory)


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