Hasura CLI: hasura platform:microservice create

Create spec files for a microservice


Create kubernetes spec files required for a microservice

hasura platform:microservice create [microservice-name] [flags]

Alias: generate


# Creates the configuration files required for a new microservice in the microservices directory:

# To create a microservice using any docker image
  $ hasura microservice create mymicroservice --image library/ghost:latest --port 2368

# Expose the microservice on a URL
  $ hasura conf generate-route mymicroservice >> conf/routes.yaml

# Setup git-push to deploy (if there is a dockerfile)
  $ hasura conf generate-remote mymicroservice >> conf/ci.yaml


-h, --help           help for create
-i, --image string   Docker image to be used for the microservice
-p, --port int32     Port on which the microservice will listen at (default 8080)

Options inherited from parent commands

--project string   hasura project directory where the commands should be executed. (default: current directory)


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