Hasura CLI: hasura platform:microservice port-forward

Forward a microservice port to localhost


Bind a port on a running container for a microservice to a port on localhost

hasura platform:microservice port-forward [microservice-name] [flags]

Alias: pf, forward


# Set up a port forward from port 5432 (default) on the postgres microservice to local port 6432
$ hasura microservice port-forward postgres -n hasura --local-port 6432

# Forward custom microservice www to localhost 8080
$ hasura microservice port-forward www --local-port=8080

# Forward port 8000 of microservice www to local port 9000
$ hasura microservice port-forward www --local-port 9000 --remote-port 8000

# alternate usage:
$ hasura microservice port-forward www --port 9000:8000


-c, --cluster string     cluster to connect
-h, --help               help for port-forward
    --local-port int     local port to bind (default 8080)
-n, --namespace string   namespace for the microservice (hasura, user) (default "user")
-p, --pod string         pod name to connect
    --port string        local:remote port binding (local-port and remote-port flags are ignored if this is used)
    --remote-port int    remote port to bind

Options inherited from parent commands

--project string   hasura project directory where the commands should be executed. (default: current directory)


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