Publishing your project to /hub

You can publish your personal projects on the hub to share your work with the community and also to help it. Other developers can then clone your project and deploy for their own use or even build further on top of it.

Watch this quick video to learn how to publish, maintain content and unpublish projects on hub.


After publishing, make sure to head to your newly published project’s page and add content to it so that other users know what your project is and how to use it.

hasura CLI publish

Any Hasura project can be published to /hub. The project name that you want to publish at is specified in hasura.yaml.

$ # from inside your project directory
$ hasura publish  # optionally --version <version> to give a version number

This will create a tarball of the current directory state, and use the metadata from hasura.yaml information to publish your project to the hub.

You can update a published app by running hasura publish again. This will create a new version of your project and push it to the hub.

This hasura.yaml file contains the project name and the platformVersion which describes with which Hasura platform version the project is compatible with.

name: <project_name>
platformVersion: v0.15.3