Starting with a project from /hub

Head to and choose a project that you want to start with.

Here are some useful projects to start with:

  1. hasura/hello-*: Projects that are published by the hasura user are projects that we have published for different frameworks to help you get started. See Starter hub projects:
  2. hasura/base: Use the base project to start off on a completely empty project. You can add your own microservices, schemas and configurations to this.

Clone the project and deploy it to a new cluster

First, install the hasura CLI.

Then, run the following instructions on your terminal or command line:

hasura clone <user/my-project>
cd <my-project>

Now, you’ll have the project source code on your computer. You now need a cluster to deploy this project. Please see this for instructions on creating a new cluster and adding it to a project. Once you’ve added the cluster to the project, run the following commands on your terminal or command line, from inside the project directory:

git add . && git commit -m 'Initial commit'

# replace hasura with your cluster's alias
git push hasura master

Once your git push succeeds, everything is deployed to a new Hasura cluster.

Now you can add/remove/modify:

  1. microservices: In the microservices/ directory
  2. schema: Run hasura api-console and head to the Data tab. You can browse, modify the schema appropriately.
  3. conf: Modify the appropriate files in the conf/ directory.