Exec / SSH into microservice containers

If you’ve used typical hosting or cloud providers before, you might be used to having the ability to SSH into your server to be able to check up on environment variables, network reachability, top commands etc. You can do the same thing with Hasura, but the analog to SSH is to exec into a microservice’s container.

exec into a container basically means that you can exec whatever process or command you want, in the container. To make this equivalent to SSH, exec a shell in your container!

Open a bash shell in your microservice `<my-app>`:

$ hasura ms exec <my-app> -ti -- /bin/bash
$> # This is a bash prompt in your container

Open a shell in your microservice `<my-app>`:

Sometimes, your container might not have bash, and might only have sh.

$ hasura ms exec <my-app> -ti -- /bin/sh
$ # This is a sh prompt in your container

Open psql in your hasura `postgres` container:

$ hasura ms exec postgres -n hasura -ti -- /bin/bash
root@postgres-3391217220-6jbq7:/$ # You can now run psql, pg_dump and other commands

For more details, read the full CLI reference for hasura microservice exec.