Viewing microservice logsΒΆ

All STDOUT output, like print(), console.log(), etc. from microservices gets captured as logs.

The command hasura microservice logs, or hasura ms logs for short, will get logs for your microservice.

Fetch all the logs till now of microservice `<my-app>` in one shot:

$ hasura ms logs <my-app>

Fetch the last 100 log lines of microservice `<my-app>`:

$ hasura ms logs <my-app> --tail 100

Stream (follow) logs of microservice `<my-app>`:

The command will not exit and log lines will keep coming up on your terminal:

$ hasura ms logs <my-app> -f

Get logs of a hasura microservice, say `auth`

$ hasura ms logs auth -n hasura

For more details, read the full CLI reference for hasura microservice logs.