Moving to the new hasura CLI

From Hasura v0.15, the workflow for Hasura has changed considerably.

If you were using hasuractl before, you have to update to the new hasura CLI tool.

For this, you have to delete your old hasuractl, and then install the new hasura CLI tool.

Step 1: Remove old hasuractl

Linux & Mac

Run the following command:

$ rm $(which hasuractl)


sudo might be required depending on how you installed it.


  1. Open cmd, type which hasuractl.
  2. Go to the path, where it is installed.
  3. Delete the file.

Step 2: Install new hasura CLI

Install the new hasura CLI by referring to Installing the Hasura CLI.

Step 3: Get familiar with the new workflow

Get started with the new hasura.

Read about moving from old hasuractl workflow to the new one.